Sunday, March 22, 2009

A Poem

The Ones He Left Behind

His wife received a telegram on that Monday afternoon

“Your husband was killed in action, you’ll get a letter soon.”

Now her heart was saddened for she saw the years ahead

She’d have to spend them all alone ‘cause now her husband’s dead.

His little daughter Betty sure had a super dad,

But she’s too young to realize the meaning to be sad.

She’ll soon grow up and forget the things she used to do,

But she’ll still recall her daddy who was killed in World War II.

He’s buried over there somewhere with other soldiers brave,

We’d give the world if we could see the hole that is his grave.

His buddies that he fought with will see him smile and grin,

For they know that he’ll be watching when they take old Berlin.

Written in 1945 by Doris (Coble) Klosterman
Dedicated to Sie Weikert